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w Astri Polska (Gdziekolwiek)


Currently we are looking for a  new employee for PROGRAMMER position, for which we offer possibility to work in projects with different programming environments and from wide range of topics, covering areas from space ships electronics to advance satellite images/GIS applications.


From our potential employee we expect practical experience in programming in at least one of the following categories:

  •    Objected oriented programmer with .Net (C# in particular) background. Huge advantage would be experience in computer 3D graphics design or knowledge of Unity3D engine. Another advantage would be GPU programming in particular knowledge of shader languages.
  •   Objected oriented programmer with web development background and knowledge of  higher level language java/C#. Knowledge of javascript/php would be an advantage, additionally knowledge of following technologies is also well seen: CSS, html, database background, Tomcat, web security.


Additionally the following skills/experience with technology would be an advantage for the candidate:

  •   GIS knowledge in particular Geoserver,
  •   user interface design/ergonomic design background,
  •  experience with project requirement documentation,
  •   mobile programming.


Fluent English is a must in order to communicate not only with our business partners/customers but also workers inside the company

Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany ofertą prześlij swoje CV na office.astripolska@astripolska.pl

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