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w Astri Polska (Gdziekolwiek)

Job requirements

  •   Higher technical education in mechanics, mechatronics or similar
  •   Good knowledge of English language that allows free communication and technical documentation reading – necessary requirement
  •  Experience in Cost Account Management (CAM)
  •  Skilled in the use of solid modelling CAD tools specifically Inventor/li>
  •  Understanding of design dimensioning and tolerancing methods and conventions (e.g. true-position dimensioning, geometric tolerancing, etc.), assembly constraints, and kinematics
  •  Fundamental modelling and analytical understanding of static and dynamic mechanical properties (e.g. stress, torque, natural frequency, damping, thermal expansion, etc.)
  •  Thermal/ structural (static/ dynamic): use of analytical tools including FEA
  •  Knowledge about specification and design of electro-mechanical mechanisms and components
  •  Knowledge of advanced electro-mechanical systems: servos, positioning systems, piezoelectric devices, position feedback devices
  •  Knowledge of system light-weighting techniques/ materials/ trade off analyses
  •  Knowledge of passive athermalization techniques/ designs
  •  Knowledge of Hermetic and Environmental Seal design
  •  Knowledge of Electro-Optics System packaging & Integrationli>
  •  Knowledge of advanced materials: alloys, composites, ceramics, thermoplastics, epoxies
  •  Knowledge of advanced manufacturing methods: EDM, rapid prototyping, casting and molding, laser cutting, brazing, etc.
  •  Skilled in the use of advanced metrology tools including CMM’s, ESS chambers, Lab View, shake tables, etc.
  •  Strong analytical skills
  •  Solid statistical background including measurement systems analysis and statistical process control
  •  Ability to generate required documentation including design reports, assembly procedures, bills-of-material, test procedures, etc.
  •  Experience with MS Office


Other desirable skills:

  •  Experience with ZEMAX or ASAP programs is preferred
  •  Experience in the specification, fabrication, and sourcing of customized optical components are preferred
  •  Knowledge of mechanisms for multi-field of view and zoom lenses is preferred


His research and development work would support long-term strategic objectives of ESA.

Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany ofertą prześlij swoje CV na office.astripolska@astripolska.pl

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